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Welcome to Breast Milk Keepsakes, handcrafted pure breast milk jewellery. Breast milk pendants, lockets, charms and beads.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift to give to your baby. The health benefits will last a lifetime and the special bond created between mother and baby is like no other.

Breastfeeding may be natural but it doesn't always come naturally. At times it takes a lot of perseverance or in my case sheer stubbornness.

Breastfeeding my twin boys has been a wonderful achievement and  it has been the most rewarding and beautiful experience. I cherish my breast milk pendant and I wear it proudly.

A Breast Milk Keepsake is a memento of your breastfeeding journey, it's a badge of honour and something tangible to have after your child has weaned from the breast.


"Thank you for the best Mothers Day gift in the world!!"

- Tessa

"Yay!! My Mother's Day gift arrived a few days early. There really are no words to describe how special this keepsake is to me. I will forever cherish it. Thank you Breast Milk Keepsakes!" 

- Elizabeth 

"Just wanted to say thank you so much - my keepsake arrived today and it's absolutely beautiful. You are one clever lady! X" 

- Catherine

"Oh my goodness!! How amazing are these beads? I am so very impressed with them. Looked fab in the pictures but in real life they are even more amazing!"


"Wow - what a beautiful keepsake you make. It is perfect and will be such a wonderful momento for my daughter to celebrate her breastfeeding both her daughters.........this is a chance to capture a part of your child or grandchild's life that passes so quickly.......I am so glad that I found your website. Thank you again."

- Sharon.

"The pendant arrived today, it really is gorgeous. Thank you so much, it's such a unique memory of this amazing time - teeth and all!" 

- Jen.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for my keepsake that came today!! I am so so so pleased with it. It is even better than I imagined." 

- Jerrie

"Received it babe, OMG I LOVE it!... Thank you so much xxxx"

- Hayley

"Absolutely love my bead! You are amazing!!"

- Heather

"I cried I was so happy with them and you cant wipe the beaming smile from my face! You have done an amazing job they are perfect! Here's some pic's of the necklace I've had made, your charm sets it of brilliantly I'm soooooooo pleased THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!"

- Tiffany

" I have received my keepsake. Thank you. It is amazing... I love it so so much. I will treasure it forever and it will remind me of our amazing breastfeeding journey!"

- Sarah

"I received my precious keepsake yesterday and haven't been able to come to my senses since:) IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!.......... I want to thank you for giving the opportunity to preserve these memories in such a beautiful way!!! I couldn't even dream about it! You will hear from me again in a couple of years when the second one comes:)"

- Victoria

"Received my keepsake today, thank you so much its amazing!! Breast feeding my children has been incredible, I know I'm going to find it difficult when my little one weans off her milk and my keepsake is a wonderful way of being able to preserve and treasure the memory's of our feeding time forever :)xxx"

- Rachel

"I am over the moon that, thanks to you, I have a Breast Milk Keepsake to treasure those precious moments ad infinitum xxx"

- Sophie

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Why Breast Milk is Best for Your Baby

What could be more natural than breast milk? After all, mammals are able to feed their young with something that is produced by the body and full of nutrients. Here are a few reasons why you should consider breast milk for your baby.

Reason #1: Boosts Immune System

The infant’s immune system is still delicate and in the process of building itself up. Surprisingly, the breast milk contains nutrients that boost the immune system that formula milk is unable to replicate. Because of the right genetic formula, it protects the child from acquiring certain diseases and infections. 

Reason #2: Prevents Allergies

Even if the parents suffer from allergies, breast fed babies are less likely to pick up since they build protection against these allergies. Studies have shown that there is strong correlation with these two.

Reason #3: Lessens Respiratory Illness 

Breast fed babies have lesser chances to be hospitalized caused by respiratory illness compared to formula-fed babies. This can be traced to their strong immune system that contains antibodies that acts as protection.

If you find yourself in pain while breastfeeding, it would be worth jumping over and seeing our friend's post on the best bottles for breastfeeding.

The list about how breast milk benefits babies can go on and on. Why not give your child the best thing you can do at this moment?

How Breast Cancer Affects Everyone

Breast cancer. Those are the two words that every woman dreads the most after having gone through that annual check up. Breast cancer does not only affect the person diagnosed with it – it also affects everyone in the community that she belongs to. Imagine that your best friend told you about this devastating news. Would you know how to react? What would you say? That’s right. Your initial response would probably become speechless as the words you want to say to comfort her have suddenly become lodged in your throat. Yes, all of those things can happen in a blink of an eye. It could happen to anyone – including you.

If you suspect anything weird going on with your breasts, try to do a thorough self examination at home. It’s really helpful since you don’t need anyone’s help or any kind of gadgets. Well, a mirror will help you out in this test. If you detect that something’s wrong, consult immediately with your doctor. Don’t keep putting it off because that day will definitely come. The sooner you know about something, the better it is so that you can take the necessary steps earlier. The next time you find yourself dragging your feet to that annual exam, think about how much time (and money) you’ll be saving. Now, I’m no professional doctor but as they say, prevention is the best cure. Always keep in mind that the earlier it is detected, the larger chance you have of winning the battle against breast cancer. If you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, there’s always hope thanks to the latest medical advancements in technology nowadays.

For us women, it’s important to find support in our family, friends and communities (especially those that we are involved in). It’s important to feel that you’re not alone in this journey towards physical healing.

A Long, Milky Way

The birth of my boys was a life changing moment. I know every mother says that but it’s true. When I first laid eyes on the little creatures wrapped in blue blankets, sleeping peacefully, I knew that I have fallen in the kind of love impossible to get over.  From the very beginning, I knew that being a mother would not be easy. The experience of it is something that mere words could not describe; it would be something one would have to go through to understand. Although I knew from the very beginning that I was facing months and months of sleepless nights and dirty diapers, nothing could have prepared me enough for the adventure that is motherhood. 

Breastfeeding is a great journey that mother and child go through together. Not only does it give your child the best start in life, it creates a special bond impossible to replicate. For many mothers and babies, breastfeeding comes naturally. For others, it takes a lot of patience and practise. I happened to fall into the latter category. Because I am an advocate for breastfeeding, I insisted on breastfeeding my sons. Although it was one of the more difficult parts of the first year of their lives, it was well worth. I knew that despite how frustrating it was sometimes, I was going to miss breastfeeding. It reminded me of how important perseverance and patience is in motherhood, and I wanted something to remember this amazing journey by. 

I decided to try to use breastmilk as some sort of centrepiece for a pendant of a locket. After months and months of countless experimentation and reconstruction of my pendant, I finally succeeded and created a pendant with my breastmilk forming a heart with my boys’ names engraved on the back. It came up beautifully! I paired this charming pendant with an old silver chain I have had since I was five years old. My friends thought the pendant was fabulous. Because I enjoyed making my necklace so much and because I could see how much my friends loved it, I decided to try to make some for fun and gave them as gifts. Soon, I began taking in requests for breastmilk pendants and charms. A friend suggested I start a business selling these and after much prodding, I figured I should go for it. At first, I was only filling in orders from people around me but pretty soon, I began getting orders from around the country. I try to fill in the orders as fantastically and as soon as I could. 

These breastmilk souvenirs are an amazing token for the journey that mothers go through. I wear mine everyday as a reminder that the love between my sons and I is strong and could go through any challenge.


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