Twinkle Mama Breast Milk Pendant

Breast Milk Pendants

Your breast milk is transformed into a pure breast milk shape or shapes, then set in high grade jewellery resin in either a gold filled (rolled gold) or sterling silver pendant.

Sterling silver pendants come supplied with an 18in sterling silver curb chain. 

Chains for the gold pendants can be purchased separately. 

Ribbon necklaces can be purchased in addition for £1.00. These are available in a wide selection of colours and are perfect if your little one likes to hold your breast milk pendant whilst breastfeeding.

Breast milk pendants can be engraved on the back for an additional cost of £9.00.

For further details on background colours and breast milk shapes please scroll to the bottom of the page. 



 Background Colours

The colours are hand mixed so they may vary. 

If you'd like a different colour please ask as most colours are possible.

 Bead Shapes 

Beads are set in a 25mm circle 

*Bow and Angel now available*

 Beads are set in a 16mm circle 

*Bow shape now available*